How beautiful they look, those lush lime blossoms. Fragrant and soaked with the warm sunshine of summer. No need to change a thing about this herbal infusion, neither to add anything, Mareile said. Just brew it purely, enjoy it and relax. Tastes good and feels good. That’s right, Mareile, we agree with you!

Highlights: Pure Tea
Lime blossoms* *from certified organic cultivation
Use two teaspoons of tea per 0.4l portion and pour fresh boiling water over it.  Let it steep for 5-10 minutes, to receive a safe drink.

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Claire Verbena
Claire loves the delicate, slightly lemony flavor of verbena. Because this herbal infusion is simply delicious and soothing. But most of all, because the lovely smell of the leaves reminds her of her grandparents’ superbly fragrant fields of verbena where she used to play with her siblings on warm summer days. Childhood memories can taste so good!
Organic Herbal Infusion
Base Price: 182,50 € / kg
Content: Loose tea 60 g
Traudl Alm Herbs
When Traudl starts her way home from the Alm, she finds an incredible variety of local herbs along the footpath: ribwort plantain, burdock root, chamomile blossoms and dandelion, among others. At home, she brews herself a large pot of tea from her finds. This is our cozy feelgood infusion, just to Traudl's taste.
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Namira Peppermint
Namira studied in Europe, but she loves to live in her North African homeland. Between palm trees, camels and fragrant fields full of aromatic peppermint. Mint has always been an integral part of the culinary tradition of their country. She is happy to share her culture with us. And we at Pure Tea are pleased, we can offer such a flavorful peppermint tea to you.
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Annemarie Berries & Vanilla
Red fruit jelly – a delicious, deep red compote of juicy berries. The most popular dessert in Northern Germany. Every family has its own, well-guarded recipe. So does Annemarie. The special feature: her red fruit jelly with the fine, fruity, sweet and sour taste can be enjoyed at any time – in the form of our aromatic fruit infusion.
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This smooth, fragrant and soothing tea is made of high-grade chamomile flowers. It has a characteristic spicy and pleasant taste. 
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Content: Loose tea 75 g

Accessory Items

Pure Tea Mug
Tea Mug, glass, 0.35 liter
Pure Tea Strainer
Metal strainer Perfect in combination with the Pure Tea mug.
Pure Tea Strainer & Teabag Holder
Strainer and tea bag holder Porcelain, black
Large tea mug
Large tea mug for ca. 0.3l teaWhite porcelain
Paper tea filter
100 ALTHAUS tea filter bags made of paper   Suitable to fill with 1-5 teaspoons of tea. Ideal for a small teapot of up to 500 ml.