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Perfect in combination with the Pure Tea mug.

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Pure Tea Strainer & Teabag Holder
Strainer and tea bag holder Porcelain, black
Namira Peppermint
Namira studied in Europe, but she loves to live in her North African homeland. Between palm trees, camels and fragrant fields full of aromatic peppermint. Mint has always been an integral part of the culinary tradition of their country. She is happy to share her culture with us. And we at Pure Tea are pleased, we can offer such a flavorful peppermint tea to you.
Organic Herbal Infusion
Base Price: 438,00 € / kg
Content: Loose tea 30 g
Yanzhou Wulu China
Wulu China – a tea with a long tradition. For Yanzhou, son of a tea farmer, it also means a bit of home. Every cup of this flowery fragrant tea with the fruity taste reminds him of the sunny days of spring when the whole family came together for the tea harvest. Still today, he insists on helping his family to hand-pick the delicate leaves. We believe you can tell by the look and taste of this excellent tea!
Organic Green Tea
Base Price: 91,30 € / kg
Content: Loose tea 120 g
Pure Tea Mug
Tea Mug, glass, 0.35 liter
Hayato Sencha
Sencha tea is considered the drink of hospitality in Japan. Hayato agrees, however, for him it has a special meaning when he processes the handpicked and freshly harvested leaves from his tea garden into a fragrant and fresh green tea. This way he may pass on his hospitality to our Sencha connoisseurs. How right he is!
Organic Green Tea
Base Price: 129,50 € / kg
Content: Loose tea 100 g
Aman Darjeeling
Darjeeling – what a promising name. A unique nature with lush green tea gardens on the steep slopes of the Himalayan foothills. Amidst this scenery: Aman, our tea farmer. His craftsmanship, a long-standing tradition and passion for his tea make this promise true for Pure Tea: finely balanced aromas and an unmistakably delicate, floral taste. Thanks, Aman!
Organic Black Tea
Base Price: 107,90 € / kg
Content: Loose tea 120 g
James Earl Grey
ames is not the well-known Earl this full-bodied black tea with its tangy aroma of bergamot has been named after. Nevertheless, he prefers to drink this British classic. Especially when he returns from a long, stormy stroll along the rough cliffs of England in the afternoon and spots the warm, roaring fire in the fireplace from afar. Afternoon Tea with Pure Tea, let’s just say.
Organic Flavored Black Tea
Base Price: 78,20 € / kg
Content: Loose tea 140 g
Traudl Alm Herbs
When Traudl starts her way home from the Alm, she finds an incredible variety of local herbs along the footpath: ribwort plantain, burdock root, chamomile blossoms and dandelion, among others. At home, she brews herself a large pot of tea from her finds. This is our cozy feelgood infusion, just to Traudl's taste.
Organic Herbal Infusion
Base Price: 121,70 € / kg
Content: Loose tea 90 g
Bongani Rooibos Vanilla
Bongani loves the unique nature of the South African Cederberg Mountains. His homeland is known for cultivating Rooibos. With a great deal of intuitive feel, he processes the fine branches of the fresh harvest into a smooth Rooibos tea with a slight touch of caramel. All what is left for us to do is adding a gentle hint of vanilla. Delicious!
Organic Flavored Rooibos Tea
Base Price: 99,50 € / kg
Content: Loose tea 110 g