The ferbal infusion Ginger Breeze combines aromatic ginger and spicy notes of black pepper with the citric freshness of lemongrass and orange peels.

Lemongrass (33 %), orange peel (19 %), ginger (13 %), apple pieces, peppermint, licorice root, sweet blackberry leaves, black pepper (3.5 %)
Use one Pyra-Pack tea bag per cup (0.3l) and pour fresh boiling water over it. 
Let it steep for 5-10 minutes, to receive a safe drink.

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Accessory Items

Tea glass
ALTHAUS tea glass, 0.3 l, transparent   Ideal for use with ALTHAUS Pyra Packs.
Saucer with tea bag compartment
Porcelain, white, suitable for the Pyra Pack tea glass
Tea bag tray
Material: Porcelain, Color: White
Large tea mug
Large tea mug for ca. 0.3l teaWhite porcelain
Pyra Pack Display 9 compartments, metal
Metal Display for 9 ALTHAUS Pyra Packs   Material: Solid metal, coated with structured lacquer, grey Width: 36 cm, height: 48 cm, depth: 20 cm   (without tea)