A light green tea with a pleasant flowery taste, subtle astringency and a very mild finish. The large leaves unfold spectacularly when brewed.

Green tea
Use two teaspoons of tea in a small teapot (0.4l). Pour fresh boiling water over it and let it steep for 2-3 minutes. 

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Similar Teas

Gunpowder Zhu Cha
This Chinese green tea with long and tightly rolled leaves boasts with a strong astringent taste. It is very pleasant with grassy and slightly smoky nuances.
Green Tea
Base Price: 44,04 € / kg
Content: Loose tea 250 g
€11.01* €12.95*
Royal Pai Mu Tan
This Chinese white tea with its large unfolded leaves and many white tips is very full-bodied. The tea features a mildly sweet taste with light hints of wild flowers.
Green Tea
Base Price: 92,19 € / kg
Content: Loose tea 65 g
€5.99* €7.05*
Sencha Senpai
Sencha is the most popular green tea in Japan. It has a dark uniform leaf, a delicately tangy flavor and a yellow-green color.
Green Tea
Base Price: 50,84 € / kg
Content: Loose tea 250 g
€12.71* €14.95*
Darjeeling Castelton FTGFOP Second Flush
An excellent highland black tea blend, plucked at theplantations of Darjeeling. It conveys a smooth taste with light nut and fruit nuances and a muscatel flavor.    
Black Tea
Base Price: 67,80 € / kg
Content: Loose tea 250 g
Darjeeling Puttabong
This exquisite first flush Darjeeling is picked in the Himalaya mountains. It features the harmonious aroma of flowers and a slight sweetness.  
Black Tea
Base Price: 67,80 € / kg
Content: Loose tea 250 g

Accessory Items

Tea pot
Material: Porcelain, Color: White Volume: 0.4 l Compatible with Althaus metal strainer.
Stainless steel  Compatible with the Althaus tea pot, the Althaus Tea for one set, the Althaus tea glass, the LIV tea pot and LIV strainer mug. Height: 7.2 cm, upper diameter: 6.2 cm
Strainer mug
Porcelain tray to hold strainer after use   Porcelain, white
Paper tea filter
100 ALTHAUS tea filter bags made of paper   Suitable to fill with 1-5 teaspoons of tea. Ideal for a small teapot of up to 500 ml.
Measuring spoon
Measuring spoon for the portioning of loose tea Material: Stainless steel, Color: Silver