This blend of finest green and white teas and complex fruity aromas first develops a subtle sweetness before the tang of ginseng hits the palate.

Tea blend (green & white tea), flavoring, mango pieces (mango, sugar), strawberry pieces, sunflower petals, ginseng (1 %)
Use two teaspoons of tea in a small teapot (0.4l). Pour fresh boiling water over it and let it steep for 2-3 minutes. 

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Similar Teas

Ginseng Herbal Bliss
A herbal infusion with a spicy tang. This blend comes as a smooth and refreshing infusion with a unique blend of exotic herbs and ginseng.
Flavored Herbal Infusion
Base Price: 132,50 € / kg
Content: 15 Grand Packs x 4 g = 60 g
Milk Oolong
A slightly fermented tea with leaves that are rolled in a special way into small curls. When brewed, it features the delicate flavor of tea with fresh milk.
Flavored Green Tea
Base Price: 202,60 € / kg
Content: Loose tea 250 g
Jasmine Ting Yuan
Ting Yuan, meaning “Jasmine Garden”, is a delicious fragrant tea made of tender leaves, flavored with the aroma of fresh jasmine blossoms. 
Green Tea
Base Price: 51,80 € / kg
Content: Loose tea 250 g
Arabischer Sheik
Selected blossom aromas, a hint of ginger and fragrant spices create the extraordinary character of this oriental-style green tea blend.
Flavored Green Tea
Base Price: 53,25 € / kg
Content: Loose tea 200 g
Grün Matinee
A unique combination of full-bodied Sencha green teas. Delicious fruit flavor and flower petals create the memorable taste of this tea.   
Flavored Green Tea
Base Price: 55,80 € / kg
Content: Loose tea 250 g

Accessory Items

Tea pot
Material: Porcelain, Color: White Volume: 0.4 l Compatible with Althaus metal strainer.
Stainless steel  Compatible with the Althaus tea pot, the Althaus Tea for one set, the Althaus tea glass, the LIV tea pot and LIV strainer mug. Height: 7.2 cm, upper diameter: 6.2 cm
Strainer mug
Porcelain tray to hold strainer after use   Porcelain, white
Storage tin for loose tea, small
 Small storage tin for loose teaSilver, tinplate, for up to 250 g of loose tea Height: 13.3 cm, width: 10.3 cm, depth: 10.3 cm The labels on the bags of loose Althaus teas can be removed. They fit perfectly in the space provided on the tin!
Measuring spoon
Measuring spoon for the portioning of loose tea Material: Stainless steel, Color: Silver